Development Proposal


The Centre shall be established to fulfill four primary goals:
1. To combat youth delinquency in New Providence
2. To provide first class sporting and educational opportunities to young Bahamian athletes
3. To create the premier sporting and recreational facility in The Bahamas
4. To raise the status of Rugby in New Providence

Combating Youth Delinquency

The NPSEC will adopt a ‘Whole Person’ approach to youth development.

A ‘Whole Person’ approach implies:
1. Providing young people with daily after school educational programmes
2. Providing participants with a nutritional meal each day
3. Providing the best coaching
4. Providing a regular and reliable high standard of competition
5. Providing mentoring & counseling to young people who are ‘at risk’
6. Assisting in college placement and professional development for participants
7. Providing regular family based activities
8. Providing a healthy, safe, stable environment in which a kid can be a kid

The Sporting and Recreational Facility

• Well maintained playing surfaces
• Expert training in a range of sports for young people
• Regular leagues for all team sports (both youth and adult).
• A multigym for use by members
• International tournaments
• A range of Corporate and other Sports Leagues
• A full clubhouse for members
• Regular family and social events

The Rugby Club

The sport of rugby stands to gain:
1. A lucrative source of revenue
2. A substantial influx of young players
3. The best facilities in the country

The facility shall ultimately include:
• A Clubhouse and Academic Block
• Playing surfaces for rugby, soccer, basketball, volleyball and baseball
• A walking/jogging track
• A gymnasium
• Dormitories
• A family cook-out area
• A kids playing area
• Grandstand bleachers

Self Sufficiency – Income Sources

Bar & Restaurant $150,000 Laundromat $20,000
Membership $240,000 Events $120,000
Summer School $80,000 Academic Programmes $200,000
Leagues $50,000 Flea Market $75,000
Dormitories $250,000 Sports Store $60,000

As well as the Sporting & Educational programmes, the Centre shall offer:

Men’s Rugby, Youth Rugby
Men’s Soccer, Women’s Soccer, Youth Soccer (8 divisions), Masters Soccer Corporate Leagues, Church Leagues
Men’s Baseball, Youth Baseball
Men’s Volleyball, Women’s Volleyball, Youth Volleyball
Men’s Basketball, Women’s Basketball, Youth Basketball
Senior Citizens Club
Walking Club
Chess Club
Dominoes Club
Music Club
Backgammon Club
Fitness Club
Family Days
Adult Education
Trivia Night
Saturday Flea Market Parties & Functions
Movie Theatre
Games Room
Pool & Darts

Potential membership & public usage

The Centre should anticipate the following membership:

• 400 Youth members (sports & academic)
• 600 Youth members (sports only)
• 1,200 Adult Full members
• 2,000 Adult Social members
• 4,000 Affiliated members (other clubs and organisations using the facility)

Casual users shall include:

• 2,000 per week – Flea market
• 500 per week – fans and supporters
• 8,000pa – guests and touring teams