How Does It Work?

Each weekday, athletes follow the following routine:
6.30-7.30am: Physical Conditioning
7.30-8.00am: Nutritional Breakfast
3.30-4.00pm: Nutritional Meal
4.00-5.30pm: Study (15 to a class with a qualified teacher)
5.30-7.00pm: Training (15 to a group with a qualified coach)

• All participants are bussed to and from the centre each day.
• ‘At risk’ students, or students with specific need are given additional attention from a mentor or reading specialist, provided by the Child Welfare Officer
• There are no lessons on Fridays – Those with unfulfilled assignments complete them, while the others are given the opportunity to participate in a range of different sports
• Athletic competitions are held on weekends, as is community service.