Highly Educated Potential Employees

• The primary goal of the New Providence Sports & Educational Centre is to get Bahamian athletes into college on sports and academic scholarship.
• To this end we have a fully qualified staff of teachers and coaches, headed by an education officer, careers guidance counselor, child welfare officer, sports officer and nutritionist.
• Academically strong students will attend after school classes with a 15:1 teacher student ratio.
• Weaker students will receive individual or small group (5:1) specialist classes in reading and/or mathematics.
• The attention does not stop at college, however. It is our sincere intention to find employment for as many of our graduates as need help.
• Students who do not go on to college will be assisted in finding appropriate work placement or vocational training.
• Consequently, one of the functions of the centre is as an employment office, uniting companies with appropriate candidates.
What does your Business need?
• Graduate Employees?
• Entry Level Employees?
• Casual workers for the summer or other holidays?

Any potential employee, recruited through the centre will have participated in the 4 year NPSEC programme and will, as a minimum requirement:

1. Be able to read - at least to high school proficiency
2. Have undergone the NPSEC “Logic and Critical Thinking” Course
3. Be well mannered and respectful
4. Be in excellent physical and mental shape
5. Possess honest and accurate references from the NPSEC’s Education and Child Welfare Officers
We feel confident that given the nature of our interaction with the students, we are very well qualified to provide extremely accurate references for all potential employees